The Unauthorized Version is a Pirate project to retranslate the Bible into English. It’s currently the work of one part-time Bible pirate, so the LORD God has given it about as much chance of success as Jeremiah’s prophecies. However, with equal measures of self-flagulation we intend to make it a long, drawn-out affair that we’ll document as we go. The reason for another translation is twofold. One: we got problems with the existing translations, and two: trying to translate a text is the best possible way to read it. Straight up, we gotta admit to not having very little knowledge of ancient Hebrew or Greek. Yep, you heard. BUT… we are total Bible-fan. Plus we read a lot of stuff, and we got lots of Hebrew- and Greek-fluent friends, and we’re a pirate so whatcha gonna do! We’re also (come closer, I’m only allowed to whisper this)… We’re also not convinced that trying to recreate the original is the point of translation. **GASP** We think the point might be the encounter itself. So we’re gonna give it a fair go. Each post contains a chapter, followed by a drop-down box with translation notes if you’re interested. All comments are welcome; translation suggestions even more so. Subscribe to the Bible Pirate podcast for stories told with these translations and the stories they shape and are shaped by. Here goes nothing…

The Prologue to Genesis

The Epic of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

The Epic of Joseph and the Sons of Israel